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Guen Browne

Guen is an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer, she is  an Accredited Police Station Representative and Duty Solicitor  with over 10 years of experience.  She will advise you in the Police Station and represent you in the Magistrates Court.


Guen has a dynamic and robust approach, but will handle your case in a sensitive way, keeping you informed about the law, evidence and the process.


She has some 20 years experience in advocacy and social welfare, so is used to dealing with people who face disadvantage - whether through lack of knowledge regarding their legal rights, through hardship, stressful family or financial circumstances or disabilities.  This means she is able to  provide you with representation to the highest standard.


You can contact Guen  on 07974-971461, we also have a 24 hour service 07870-797355.



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Magistrates Court Trials specialist

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