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Tel. 01761 431688



2A Fortescue Road, Radstock, BA3 3PH

This firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority



Criminal Defence

We are available on a 24 hour basis, including weekends and public holidays, to represent you at Police Stations and in Court on all criminal matters including motoring offences.


We aim to achieve the best out of a difficult situation and we will speak on your behalf and treat your case with confidentiality and efficiency.


We hold a Legal Aid Agency Criminal Contract and we are governed by the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Free help is often available under the Legal Aid scheme, and we can represent you on a private-client funded basis if you do not qualify for Legal Aid.

At  the  Police  Station


If you are in trouble we can advise you by phone within minutes. One of our team or agents, will then attend the police station at any time of the day or night   YOU WILL BE  ENTITLED TO FREE LEGAL REPRESENTATION.


We will tell you what evidence the police have and advise you about the strength or quality of that evidence, the law, any defences and your rights.


We will go on to represent you in your interview and make representations to the police.

In  the  Magistrates  Court  or  Crown  Court


We will advise you about plea and possible sentence and will ensure you are well prepared by obtaining any relevant information on your behalf, thoroughly investigating your situation and presenting your circumstances to the Court.


If you proceed to trial you can be assured that we will provide  expert cross examination of witnesses and persuasive speeches on your behalf.


We are a small friendly team that can support you throughout the proceedings. We use barristers where appropriate and can appoint experts as required.


We achieve excellent results at Court.


We are non-judgmental and will ensure that you understand the case against you and the likely outcome, you will have continuity with our solicitors and quality advice and representation.




-   Patrick Crossman is also a Motoring Offences Specialist.


-   Lisa Rowley is also a Criminal Solicitor and has expertise       .  

    in regard to The Dangerous Dogs Act.